If you want to target consumers who are interested in green living and decreasing the environmental impact, then you have come to the right place. We are offering advertising opportunities in our magazine.

Banner ads

You can place banner ads in our magazine. We offer banner ads of size 468 pixels X 60 pixels. You can place these full banners in the centre of the page, middle page, anchor, and right-hand column.

E-mail newsletter

We send weekly e-mail newsletters to our subscribers. The newsletter is filled with environmental news, interesting facts, etc. You can place ads of size 120 pixels X 60 pixels.  Limited banner space is available.

Guest post

You can write a guest post in our magazine. Your write up should be related to something environmental. You can write about recycled products, saving energy, and more. You can place up to two links of your choice.

Sponsored blog

If you have a green product that you want to promote, we can help you. We only write reviews of products that we are satisfied with after testing. So, you will have to give us a sample of your product.

You need to make certain payments in advance. Payment will be due 15 days after invoice. Write to us today to get a free quote on all our advertising options.